Weaver Street, Chester

Residential Projects - New Build

The ‘Townhouses’ at Weaver Street is a small, well-detailed residential mews terrace on a historical site in the centre of Chester. DMS Architecture were appointed by a developer client in October 2014 with a brief to design 4no. mews houses on a small, restricted site. The site is within a Conservation Area and has potential archaeological interest.

Commissioned by our client Beaumont Morgan Developments to design these new build 2 storey, 4 bedroom family mews houses in the conservation area of Central Chester. The house layout is designed to take advantage of its positioning on a tight site, its orientation and to respect the neighbouring properties and setbacks. The scheme has been designed with dramatic, light, contemporary interior. The units are divided into two zones, North and South. The North zone house the main living spaces, lounge, master bed rooms and External Terrace zones, and the South zone contains the service rooms (Bathroom / kitchen / utility rooms and study). The large windows that diminish in proportion echo a traditional “Edwardian” aesthetic, and they allow the relatively narrow plan to be flooded with natural light whilst the deep walls and heavy stone construction provide adequate thermal mass to balance the generous glazed elements..

Echo a traditional Edwardian aesthetic

The dual aspect houses had to be carefully designed to respond to the potential overlooking issues from neighbouring houses within the dense city centre context. This led to the concept of stepped back frontages, inverse bay windows and protecting / channelling views.

The houses are three storeys in height, partially masked with a two storey form and a mansard roof to articulate the gable whilst creating additional living space, lowering the impact and enabling the creation of expressed, projecting bay windows. The proposal is conceived in traditional red brickwork, with recessed brickwork detailing to create visual interest and compliment its’ surroundings. To the rear, balconies are created to the master bedroom with brickwork detailing to the flank walls.

Client: Beaumont Morgan Developments Ltd
Value: £600,000
Status: In Planning
Units: 4no. 4-bed townhouses

4no. three storey four bed terrace houses

Each house is constructed of traditional brick with the addition of a tiled mansard roof. From there, contemporary details are introduced including cladded enclosed glazing at second floor level, semi-recessed enclosed terraces to the rear, and bespoke aesthetic brick detailing.

Amenity space is provided to each dwelling in the form of rear gardens – something which for city centre development is a major asset. Off-street parking has also been incorporated along with cycle and refuse storage areas.


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