Here at DMS we have been given the opportunity to develop an open brief, the creation of a flexible and modern office space on the outskirt of the village of South Milford. An open brief is always a exciting journey that we take with the client as it allows us the freedom to create something unique while flexing our design skills, whilst also engaging the client in the design process. Although this project is still in the early stages of pre-planning design ourselves and our client have built a positive relationship and are enjoying the process immensely.

As part of the brief DMS were required to design a low cost, yet aesthetically pleasing piece of architecture which will serve as a base for an upcoming IT company, a modern, sleek black extrusion was accentuated with a 45 degree inclined color changing feature ribbon, the main arrival zone is a double height atrium with landscaping, informal meeting areas, charging points and balconies to relax in other key features include:

  • 780m² of easily re-configurable office space
  • ability to expand the current scheme by a further 2 bays to take the scheme to 1000m²
  • Photovoltaics to the roof powering WC flush facilities, whilst also providing on site charging points for electric cars.
  • Secure staff parking.


Lewiss has been with DMS for just short of a year at this point and has made the transition from college to university where he is studying Architectural Technology. He is enjoying the edge working within an architectural practice offers, the deeper understanding of the profession contextualizes the learning process….. and the money doesn’t hurt.

Lewiss Jones

Office Assistant

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